Fantasia on Fantasia.

OK, guys, fantasiaslies.com is back up, though it's apparently crashing quite often because of all the traffic it's getting. Anyway, the site basically takes passages from Fantasia's memoir and refutes them. For instance, Fantasia claims she grew up in a cold house in an impoverished, bad neighborhood. The site then publishes these photographs of her childhood house...

...including its central air-conditioning unit...

...which is utterly hilarious.

Smartly, the creators of the site kept it to mostly strictly copy with no photographs, so if Fantasia should happen to visit it, she'll just think it's a fan site celebrating her childhood. Very clevah, indeed. The site also links to the official Fantasia's Lies blog, which, as far as we can tell (and it wasn't far at all), is even less entertaining than the one you're currently reading (and as entertaining as the none Fantasia's reading). It does, however, include this brilliant line: "Fantasia Barrino admits to stealing from stores in High Point, NC while she was trying to raise her daughter Zion. Although I can be sympathetic to a the real struggling Baby's Mama's out there who hardly have two pennies to rub together, there are just so many inconsistencies in Fantasia's story that I don't know what to believe."

Please let it be known, just for the record, that the NB fully supports any Baby's Mama's struggle to raise her child, even if she has to lie about it in a language she doesn't understand.

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