Crappy new year!

It's January 2, people. It's our 1,954th post. It's time for some resolutions.

The NB's top 10 resolutions for 2006:

1) To take the loathing of Teri Hatcher to a whole new level
2) To continue to post embarrassing pics of celebrities, no matter how many days old they may be and on what non-lame sites they may have already appeared
3) To be a better gift-giver
4) To marry Zach Wilcha
5) To not see any more films directed by George Lucas
6) To once-and-for-all memorize which celebrities are Scientologists and not support anything they may be involved in unless it results in a windfall of cash for us
7) To finally sell the Concrete Blonde cds, or at least dump them in the East River. Except Bloodletting.
8) To embrace the wrinkles, gray hairs and gradual loss of memory
9) To figure out where Colin Powell went
10) To pronounce Sudoku correctly, or at least spell it correctly.

There you go, folks. A little glimpse into the wants and desires of the brain of the NB. We were going to post all the interns' resolutions, but if you think those are legible/in any recognizable language, you best think again.

We hope you had a marvelous new year and look forward to spending some quality time with you in 2006. Ta ta, for now.

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