America's Next Top Caller, circa 10.

What happened after #6 is a blur, as well. We do know that occasional partner-in-hilarity Zach of True Enough for You was in there somewhere. He will probably have a better and more comprehensive recap of this "event" on his site later today.

The circa 10th caller was a girl named what sounded like Cyrone but who we will refer to as Sirene. Once we adapted her name for our liking, she became a diminutive French waif.

Here's an artist's rendering of Sirene:

What we learned from Sirene's interaction:
Though "Fairy Tales Come True" is the theme of this cycle, the photo shoots will not reflect said theme. However, Nigel made it clear that "there are fairies on the show." Jay was not amused. If he had any nerves left untanned, he probably would have blushed.

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