America's Next Top Caller, circa 11.

The next was another gay. Lee Wang. Seriously. Nigel made a point of saying his full name, which was totally awesome. Lee Wang was obviously Asian. Also, Lee Wang would not shut up. He'd ask a question, they'd give an answer, and he'd be ready with the next one. It wasn't so much a Jackie situation as it was a machine one, which made it slightly more tolerable. And no one hung up on Lee Wang.

Here's an artist's rendering of Lee Wang:

What we learned from Lee Wang's interaction:
Despite having been on the phone for four hour, Lee Wang basically only managed to find out that the producers are not behind the selection of who's going to be the "main character" of each cycle. According to Ken Mok, "I do not create reality." Truer words were never spoken, Ken. We appreciate that.

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