Aboot a girl.

Please be aware that episode 1 of Canada's Next Top Model (do not click this link if you do not want to know who's been ousted in the first two episodes) is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube in eight easy-to-digest (read: easy-to-watch-at-work) segments. We urge you to take advantage of this exciting offer for three reasons:

1.) The budget for the show seems to be about 2 Canadian dollars. At most.
2.) It's hosted by a sexy Cylon. The sexy Cylon, actually.
3.) Sisi.
4.) Just like America's Next Top Model, they eliminate the girl who has the most potential to be an actual model first. You should be able to figure out who that is in aboot 22 seconds. And, no, it's not the girl who wins all the contests. You know, the one who looks exactly like a marionette?

And, pleeeeeeze remember that the girls are all keeping blogs. Blogs with postscripts. Like this one!

P.S. I offered to cook pasta but no body wanted it, I guess they just don’t trust the Chinese cook to make their Italian food.

Sisi, bien sûr.

Well, we certainly can't wait for episode 2 to be uploaded. Summer's not going to be so bad after all! We were especially worried after viewing that Janice Dickinson debacle. Oy.

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