Tips o' the mornin to ya!

Today, the NB would like to share a few tips that recently have been brought to its attention...

7 things not to do during perhaps the most important interview of your life:

1.) Discuss every single item on your mind's "Whatever You Do, Do Not Discuss These Items" list.
2.) Misunderstand two of the four questions being asked.
3.) Smile uncontrollably, maniacally, even (because you don't exactly know what's being asked of you).
4.) Repeat for the ninetieth time how exciting an opportunity this is (because you don't exactly know what else to say).
5.) Say you're from Florida.
6.) Wear the "magic tie" that stops straight men in their tracks (and did, once again, pre-interview) but has no effect on women, two of whom are interviewing you.
7.) Suddenly scream out, "Aw, me nuts!" (Fine, that didn't happen, but we kind of wish it did, just so we'd have a story. Besides, it is a good tip.)

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So, there you go. The NB does care about you and your future. Take these tips and make of them what you will. But the next time you get that job or loan or co-op, send a little love our way, won't ya?


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued...

ZRW said...

But have you ever ended an interview by saying, "I'm not getting this job, am I?"

Interviewers' response: [giggle] No.