A Blair in the life: March 2005.

Did you know Lisa enjoyed the scrapbooking? Of course she does...

If you’ve been joining me for “Coffee Talk” for any length of time then you know I’m a scrapbook-addict. It is my only hobby and I love it! Last August I had the luxury of attending CKU (Creating Keepsakes University) in Utah. This is a three-day scrapbooking convention filled with classes, crops, and celebrities. (Of which, I am not one of them - I’m a mere fan.)

The only thing I was asked to do in exchange for this wonderful opportunity was to say a few words at the Thursday night, “Tailgate Party.” What I hadn’t bargained for was a leg-wrestling match with the CK Magazine founder, Lisa Bearnson. But I just couldn’t resist. She had already leg-wrestled three other people and solidly beaten them within seconds. The competitive streak in me flashed to the surface and before I knew what I was saying, I was challenging her to a leg-wrestling match right up there on the stage. I was barely on the ground before I felt myself tumble head-over-heels and I was sorely beaten. (Emphasis on “sore” the next day – what a sad commentary.)

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Jesus makes all people nuts.