Simply the just found.

We just visited the delightful Best Gay Blogs and noticed the NB has been included in its "Gay Blogs Just Found" blogroll. Well, how utterly nice! The NB's editor and interns are always honored (well, it's assumed the interns are—it's all pretty much just noise from them) to be linked from a site with such words as "gay" and "best" in the title. So, thank u, BGB, for including us. We promise to do our best to remain entirely mediocre, so you can get rid of us as soon as you update your "Just Found" blogroll.

Reader, we promise tomorrow not to post anything self-referential (unless we receive more Austrian cease-and-desist letters!). In fact, we've already come up with tomorrow's dramatic arc. You want a hint? Well, OK. Here it is...

Later, dude!

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