A Blair in the life: October 2005.

This one's long but SO worth it...

This has just not been a great week all the way around. Tucker is being especially “teenagerish” lately. Haven and Clancy are doing the sibling sister act! Steve’s been out of town and I’ve just felt bloated and fat and my roots are too long and I need a hair cut.

I don’t mean to sound like a whiner and a complainer. I know these are all stupid, tiny things compared to the real world around me, but I’m just trying to explain why this week’s Coffee Talk is a bit weak.

The capper for this week was a few nights ago. My mom locked her keys in her car out in the middle of nowhere. I drove two hours into the back woods of East Texas and finally found her after getting lost a half-dozen times along the way.

I told her that I would follow her to the freeway. As we were pulling onto this very dark, two-lane road, I thought, “How awful would it be if I was following my mother and a car ran into her head-on!” I know, terrible thought, huh.

Guess what. About fifteen miles later, I look ahead of my mother and there is a car barreling down our side of the road, going over 80 miles an hour and heading straight for my mom. I found out later that she had just unbuckled her seat belt had been digging through the back seat to find a tape minutes before.

Thankfully, she saw the headlights and swerved over to the shoulder of the road. Now the car is heading straight for me! My mom said that she watched from her rear view mirror as the car narrowly missed me as I swerved over behind her.

On the side of the road, we both got out of our cars, hugged each other and thanked God for His hand of protection. From out of absolutely nowhere, a large dog/wolf with blue eyes walked out from around the back of my minivan and stood right beside us. I began to calmly freak out. Remember, I was bitten by a large dog with blue eyes just a few months ago.

My mother did the mom thing and shielded me and talked me into the van. Then she walked to her car, with the dog following close behind. She got into her car, rolled down the window to call back to me when she saw another car speeding down the road toward us. Now, this car was on the right side of the road. The problem was, the dog was standing in the middle of the lane looking into my mother’s window.

The speeding car had no choice. It could either swerve into oncoming traffic, or swerve into us on the shoulder of the road, or hit the dog. Sadly, the car slammed into the dog and the dog flew up and over my mother’s car and landed in the ravine. Thankfully, my mom said that it never made a sound, it died instantly.

My mom looked out her window and I called to her, “Mom, what’s happening?!” She said, “I don’t know but let’s get out of here!” When we reached the Interstate we stopped at a Ta Molly’s restaurant and talked ourselves down over a diet coke and some chips.

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