Number 8 is courtesy of Nancy E. James, a Personal Development Coach and Certified Retirement Career/Life Planning Coach (capitalization all hers). She's made a list called The Top 10 Things in the Magic Gift Beach Bag. Of this, James says, "First I give the Magic Gift Beach Bag to myself and now to you, so you can feel you are in loving hands as you are on your Journey called Life."

The eighth Thing in the bag? Over size comfortable inviting beach chairs to sit and enjoy the sunrise, the sea, and of course, the sunset as it turns to beautiful shades of hot yellow and then green against the clear blue and pink sky reminding you of another perfect day in your journey of life.

Wow. That's a long day of sitting and doing nothing, especially if you're being coached to live. And need we remind James that when one sees yellow and green and blue and pink in the sky, it's because of pollution. Yeah, number 8's not really working for us. We hereby take the number 8 Thing out of our Magic Gift Beach Bag and replace it with the number 6 Thing. Actually, we'll take an entire Magic Gift Beach Bag of number 6s, please. Awesome. Thank you.

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