TV idols.

According to People.com, these are fall's top sexy TV guys (this is probably old, as Mathew St. Patrick of "Six Feet Under" is number 5, but stay with us). We do enjoy the Stuart Townsend and the Matthew Fox plenty, but number 2 Bradley Cooper is our cup of coffee! Get on the Men of "Rome" calendar, Bradsy! You can take one of Ray Anderson's months. Maybe April. Or September. Your choice, dude.

Now, you may remember from a parenthetical statement a few lines ago that we said "stay with us." The aforementioned sexy men post led us to People.com, where we found this. Please sit down before clicking. And make sure your mouth is not full of water or Red Bull or whatever.

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Lisa said...

Ok, I love me a little Bradley Cooper. But is it just me, or is he totally wearing eyeliner in 'Kitchen Confidential'? It makes him look less hot, which I did not think was possible.