Official press release.

Date: 9/22/05
Contact: NervyB@gmail.com

Nervous Breakdown drops Kate Moss as topic for "So-and-so dropped Kate Moss as its spokeswoman" headlines

Nervous Breakdown announced today that it is terminating its contract with topic Kate Moss after H&M, Chanel, Burberry and now Rimmel have dropped her as their spokeswoman due to recent negative publicity concerning her drug use. Though Ms. Moss has been a usually viable topic for the NB team, we feel it would be inappropriate for such a highly regarded Web site as Nervous Breakdown to continue posting about Ms. Moss presently. We wish Ms. Moss the best of luck with her future endeavors and would not rule out writing about her again at a more interesting, less redundant time.

Please direct all questions to the e-mail address above. Thank you.

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