Speaking of lemons.

OK. Here's the official site of our newest musical obsession, the Broadway show, In My Life, which we've predicted on this site won't even make it to opening night. It concerns the relationship between a journalist with OCD and a guy with Tourette's Syndrome. And it's a musical. By the guy who wrote the song "You Light Up My Life." Guys, we were so proud of ourselves for scoring free closing-night tickets to The Blonde in the Thunderbird, but obviously we should have kept the excitement to ourselves because, if this isn't a joke, which we're honestly not sure it isn't, we ain't seen nothin'.

Anyway, you can visit the site to read the synopsis (or, more precisely, to try to figure it out) and hear some of the songs, but we don't recommend it. We do recommend reading the snippet of script that's provided. Just go to "About the Show" and click on the lemon you see below.


Unknown said...

God damn it, now I have that song stuck in my head...and the image of him swaying around. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this show is going to suck major ass -- just based on the thousands of samplers I've gotten on the street. But come on, you really don't think the premise is fascinating as hell? Beacuse I certainly do!

Anonymous said...

Nervous Breakdown, where art thee?