Things are about to get really fun.

Guys, Zach Braff wants you to live. And, do not worry—zachbraff.com is under construction. Because it's not enough to be on television, get nominated for an Emmy, release a well-received first movie, date Mandy Moore. No. We all want to know how you feel about it, Zach. We all want to know what it's like to be you. We're dying to know. DYING. TO. KNOW. Oh, I may have eaten a banana for lunch, but, look, LOOK—Zach Braff discovered a thought-to-be-extinct dinosaur, invented a new flavor of Blizzard and had time for dinner with Rachel Bilson and Peter Krause. Who am I? No one. No one.

Oh, wait. There's a link to his brother Joshua Braff's site? Oh. As you were.

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