"Alias" returns.

The "Alias" season premiere doesn't happen until next Thursday, the 29th, but here are some pics from the episode. We've managed to secure the corresponding plot details:

Apparently, Sydney leaves the car accident unharmed, returns to whatever the agency is called where they work and comforts Weiss, who, in turn, comforts her. Dixon comes along and they all comfort each other. Weiss talks about how Vaughn's in the hospital with a major concussion that will cause him not to remember anything forcing Sydney to spend the season trying to figure out what he meant by "Michael Vaughn's not my name" before he was rammed by a car. Sydney then talks about how she's pregnant with Vaughn's baby, so it will be good for her to be responsible for having to calmly research stuff locally and not having to dress up as different versions of a whore to infiltrate Spanish casinos hiding vials of green blood which may or may not have something to do with Rambaldi depending on how the season progresses and who agrees to stick around. Besides, have you ever seen a sexy maternity costume? Weiss says he hasn't. They laugh. Dixon, in order not to be bored to death, manages to slip away. Syd and Weiss continue to talk about Vaughn and the baby and the hospital and how Syd is almost as fat as Weiss but not quite. Syd then asks Weiss about her half-sister, played by Mia Maestro (we can't remember her name), and Weiss tells her she's no longer a bullethole-ridden zombie but that she is, in fact, being written out of the office. So is he, he tells her. And with that, they're all called into a briefing, at which Marshall appears with a dossier that turns into a hot-air balloon, blow dryer and dachshund. Sydney looks concerned, as her father, Jack, poses for a portrait. Suddenly, we shift to a bar where a Liev Schreiber look-alike glares suspiciously at an ad for a show called "Alias" that's managed to stick around for 5 years despite running out of plot at the end of season 2.

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Michael said...

I thought she only "infiltrated" European fetish clubs.