IMDb provides us with some fun bits 'n' bobs of crap today:

Eight people are being criminally charged for leaking Star Wars III: Revenge of the Siths over the Internet in May before the film was actually released in theaters. Dude, they were just trying to warn us. We say, let them go and throw in a Nobel Prize while you're at it.

Kate Moss' drug use will be televised on British TV next month. Awesome. Word is HBO is going to air in it in the form of a half-hour comedy in "The Comeback"'s old slot.

Finally...well...that's about it. Tom Sizemore said he almost killed himself when he couldn't remember where he lived. Eh. We almost killed ourselves the last time we had to hear about Tom Sizemore. Jodie Foster's Flightplan is being protested by a union. Join the club, people. Isn't she a lesbian already? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

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