Let them entertain you!

Friends, being a New York City bastion of entertainment is hard, hard work. So, today, rather than relying on us for your entertainment, why not hire someone else? Who, you ask? Let us direct you here...

New York City Entertainers, Inc.—Entertainers for All Occasions

•The tasteful inclusion of the Twin Towers in the header
•"Performes" for all occasions
Randy (both a Little Person and a Stripper)
Boucing Bartenders (of which there is one)
Celebrity Impersonators (obvs), featuring Dave Navarro as Prince and Howie Slater as Steven Spielberg, for all your Amistad parties
•The fact that "Female Go-Go Dancers" apparently alphabetically precedes "Aerialist" (of which, incidentally, there are more than one)
Times Square Hunks!

All right. Please have a good Friday. Please pray for Katrina victims, Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney. Please enjoy your weekend. Please.

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Lori said...

Nervous Breakdown lives!!! Have a great weekend.