Exploit it like Beckham.

Becks's mummy and daddy have some sen...wait...David Beckham's father wrote a book called David Beckham, My Son???

Oh, no...

Unfortunately it's not published yet, so you'll have to wait until October 7 for other asinine quotes about a soccer player. Sorry, football. Football. Jesus.

Enthusiast RS (don't worry, R, you're identity is safe with us. Now get back to work!) wonders where he/she can pick up a copy of this book. How silly of us not to provide a link. Alas, we don't know if the book includes baby bathtub pics, but we're sure it can be read by a baby in a bathtub.

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Anonymous said...

You do not mention where one might acquire this piece of literary genius. And if any childhood bathtub photos might be included. Geez! RS