Yesterday afternoon, something momentous happened. TV One, the fledgling black network, has been airing "227" several times a day. Obviously we have been recording every episode. Well, thanks to a tip from our friend Nato, last night we realized we had captured episode 91 of "227."

Sandra: Wha's episode 91?
Mary: (setting the dinner table) Child, don't you have your own apartment?
Sandra: I do, but Maurice is up there. You know Maurice? The five-star chef? Let's just say we spent the afternoon heating things up and now he's coooooooling down.
(Mary rolls her eyes.)
Mary: Well, why don't you go pretend the restaurant's on fire and throw a bucket of cold water on him?
Sandra: Oh, Mary, you're no fun.
Mary: Sandra, I am trying to make dinner for Lester and Brenda. Now either help me or get back to your fry daddy.
Sandra: I'll go as soon as you tell me what this mysterious episode 91 is all about. I love mysteries!
Mary: (exasperated) Fine. Episode 91 is the one where you go to New York City to work in a gym and suddenly the show is called "Jackée" and the credits are different and so are all the characters.
Sandra: Huh?
Mary: It was a failed attempt at a spin-off, child. And you were the star. Wait. Let me re-phrase that. You were the star of a failed spin-off.
(Mary laughs.)
Sandra: Oh, Mary, you're so cruel.
(Sandra sashays to the door.)
Mary: Goodnight, Sandra.
Sandra: Hmph. You ruined it.
Mary: I'm sure you'll recover.
Sandra: Oh yeah. Maurice hasn't had his dessert. Ooooooooooooooooh!
(Sandra leaves.)

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