The NB's Pesach Day Parade continues!

Welcome back! You know what's good? That bread pudding we just had.

Here's Catherine Zeta Jones dressed as blood to tell us about the float she's on:

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Oh! It's a matzoh cutout of Catherine Zeta Jones dressed as blood. How...metastic! Let's see who else is on board...

Oooh. It's TV's "The Simple Life"'s Nicole Richie...

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And, wow! It's Destiny's Child. With Beyoncé!

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And look who else came along for the ride! Chewbacca! We hear that for one week in spring he's delicious with butter.

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Well, this has certainly been the most exciting float yet. And all thanks to the wonders of matzoh (we were fooled, CZJ!). Stay tuned for more Pesach surprises!

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