The NB's Pesach Day Parade continues!

Ah, the sweet, sweet flavor of a cheeseburger minus the cheeseburger.

Here comes one of our most favorite floats. It's the "Will Do Anything for a Meal" float with Kathy Griffin and Lauren Bacall dressed up as lice and darkness, respectively. Miss Bacall looks especially stunning in her gown designed by Mummenschanz. (Sorry—you'll just have to take our word.) But it looks like things are about to get a lot lighter...

"Actually, they're not. This volcano made from matzoh...

...is basically non-functional and non-impressive. Much like Star Jones's old dresses."

(Slight pause.)

"No, I don't know why we've been assigned to this science float. Maybe Emmanuel Lewis wasn't tall enough to get on."

As you're aware, we here at the NB hold celebrities in high esteem, so we're going to cut away from Kathy and go to Miss Bacall.

"Where am I?"

OK, well, it's about time to get...

"Oh, NB, one more thing."

Yes, Kathy?

"These volcanos are delicious for a week in spring with butter. Just like Lisa Rinna's lips."

Um, OK. Thanks for your help! We're coming to the end of the parade (thank Christ), so stay tuned...

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