The NB's Pesach Day Parade continues!

Mrghrhghrghrhr. Mmmmm. Sorry. Our mouth was full. We just scarfed down a slice of pizza with croutons.

Who's coming up now? Why, it's Tony Danza dressed as hail! Tell us about your float, boss.

"Hiya! It's such an honuh to be part of dis parade. What we got heah is some furnitures made of matzoh. Which is great if you got a messy family. Right, Angelar?"

Oh, look who popped out from under that table made of matzoh—it's Judith Light dressed as a cattle plague! What a surprise!

"That's right, Tony. These chairs, stools and even shelves are perfect for that family too busy to buy real furniture. And, for one week in spring, they're delicious with Proactiv. I mean butter! Back to you at NB headquarters. Take care!"

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Thanks so much, Tony and Judith! We'll return to the NB's Pesach Day Parade shortly...

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