The NB's Pesach Day Parade continues!

You know what's better than a flourless chocolate cake? A chocolate cake made with fucking flour, that's what.

All hail our penultimate float with a suave Howard Hesseman dressed as...you guessed it...hail! How will Howard get skyward to rain hail down on all those Egyptian...um...hesse-men?

"Get to the head of the class for your wordplay, NB! It's pretty clear HOW we'll get skyWARD, and if this were being written, you'd be able to see I've capitalized H-O-W and the W-A-R-D in 'skyward.'" Feast your eyes on the back of the float—have you noticed the giant helicopter made of matzoh?

That's how we'll get up to the sky to rain hail down upon the evil Egyptians and their Jew-built pyramids. Jesus, the Jews do control everything, don't they? Have a happy Passover!"

Thanks. Howard. We'll see you...somewhere. Stay tuned for the grand finale float featuring the NB's Pesach Day Parade's Master of Ceremonies!

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