Help me, Furonda.

So we just watched the dirty scrap of a sneak preview that UPN sends us every week because of our status as an official "America's Next Top Model" whore-for-yet-unseen-swag. Guys, on tomorrow night's episode, Brooke totally drops her purse during a practice runway walk, and Nnnnnnnnnn totally laughs at her. For rils.

Oh, just watch Jade's Cover Girl commercial again. We are praying to Mandisa that they let her stay till the final three.

Which reminds us—don't forget that tonight is Queen night on "American Idol," which, as the name implies in so many ways, means that it will be even gayer than usual. Unfortunately, it will not be any more watchable than usual.

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Unknown said...

Nnnennenennenenenennene is my faves. I loves how she hangs up on her boyfriend on television in front of millions.