The NB's Pesach Day Parade continues!

Mmmmmmmm. Chocolate chip cookies.

Coming up is DJ Jazzy Jeff dressed as flies on a hip-hoppin' float.

"Yo, yo, NB, fly guy DJ J. Jizzy here with the beats that will get you through Pesach nice. And they're coming from speakers made from matzoh.

This [expletive deleted]* is jacked up! And, if you got some butter, you can put it on the speakers for one week in spring for a dope snack. No joke. And if you see Will Smith, pop a cap in that white man's ass for m..."

OK, thanks DJ...Jizzy. That's music to our mouths. We'll be back shortly.

*We're as surprised as you. DJ Jazzy Jeff has always been family friendly.

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