The Suri with the fringe on top.

Did you think we were going to be unlike every other blog in the universe and not mention Suri? Well, you're right. We will, however, comment on this sentence from the aforelinked AP article:

Ironically, Suri was born the same day as Brooke Shields’ newborn daughter, Grier Hammond Henchy.

1.)Hilarious. And sad. At the same time.
2.)That's not an example of irony, it's an example of coincidence. A very hilarious and sad coincidence. Irony would be if Tom had pawned his watch to buy Katie a brush for her hair which she cut off and sold to buy Tom a baby.

Anyway, the thing is, can we get a proper pronounciation for Suri? Is it "Soo-ree"? "Shur-ee"? "Suh-ree"? "Za-ha-ra"? We really need to know.


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