We were recently told about Amazon's new celebrity delivery service in honor of its 10th anniversary. It's where you order something, say, the new Harry Potter book (BUT WE ORDERED IT DURING THE CARTER ADMINISTRATION! We know—this is just hypothetical), and someone related to the book, say, Hermione, delivers it to you personally. Well, because some days the gods do smile down upon us, now you can visit Amazon and watch video of all the awkward celebrity deliveries thus far, including the one where Chris Noth agrees to deliver a "Sex in the City" box set as long as the addressee is a pliable underage girl.

ACTUALLY, we just watched the Harrison Ford selection, and it ranks high on the list of the most cringe-worthy treats we've seen in a long time. Now we're about to watch Joan Cusack have to hold someone else's babies. Thank you, Amazon!

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