Talking about watching 'Being Bobby Brown.'

New friend Zach phoned NB headquarters yesterday to remind us not to miss Bravo's "Being Bobby Brown." After intern Sigrid made some sounds into the phone, she handed it to someone who spoke English. We had to admit to Zach that none of us was, in fact, watching "Being Bobby Brown." The NB-DVR 2020 records it, but we felt like after a spring full of reality TV and "Lost," our brains were just too fried. We could really only pay attention to one show this summer, "Degrassi: the Next Generation" (obviously), and even that we're behind on.

HOWEVAH! The fantastic fourfour is watching "Being Bobby Brown" and is covering it in a way that would make TVGasm blush. So, Zach and other reader, for all your "Being Bobby Brown" coverage, please direct your browser to fourfour. Then come on back for some marginally funny two-sentence-maximum posts. Enjoy!

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