Prairie Home Companion companion.

Word on the street is that P.T. Anderson (he of the overrated Boogie Nights, the underrated Magnolia, and the non-rated Punch-Drunk Love (yes, we know about Hard Eight but comedy comes in threes, or, in this case, nones)) is pretty much directing A Prairie Home Companion directed by Robert Altman because Altman is too old to do much of anything but sit in his wheelchair and be dirty. We were never big fans of Garrison Keillor, but we do very much enjoy the Altman and Anderson, so these two might make it worth seeing. If, of course, it's true. Which, because the item is not from Contact Music, it could very well be.


Anonymous said...

Hmm... you used overrated and Altman in the same post. I see you are finally, after all these years seeing things my way!

Anonymous said...

is that you, bush?