Janice rules.

Were we the only ones to actually watch "The Surreal Life" last night? Ladies? If so, good for you all. Though, we have to say, the bowling match, with the Surreal Lifers competing against the Sunshine Strikers (oh, that name tells you all you need to know) was pretty hilarious, especially when Janice Dickinson a) told one of the special people, Christopher, that her team was going to beat his, to which he responded, "Yeah, right, toots" and b) when, after Christopher, repeatedly told Janice to bite him, she said, loud and clear, "That retard keeps telling me to bite him." She later referred to him, in the same voice, as Rain Man. Balki had to finally stop her, giving us yet another reason to loathe Bronson Pinchot. And, NO, we don't think it's funny when someone calls a retarded person "retard" to his face. We think it's funny when a rubber 100-year-old drunk calls a retarded person "retard" to his face, especially after introducing herself by saying, "Are you single?"

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OmegaWolf747 said...

And what exactly is your reason for hating Bronson Pinchot for telling Janice DICKinson to stop ragging on a disabled athlete?