Les bébés amusants.

Because it's so much more hilarious when a baby speaks French, here's a VHS (quoi?) called Bilingual Baby, French, Volume 1. So, now you have no excuse if your toddler doesn't kill with the 2-year-old set.

Speaking of French babies, remember Jordy? He was the French baby with a hit song in 1992 called "Dur Dur D'être Bébé." Remember? Of course you remember. Unless you killed yourself after hearing it once, in which case we're happy to tell you the Star Wars movies you missed totally sucked. Anyway, here's the mp3 of the song—we hear the quickest way is to put the gun in your mouth, point upward (a la Bud Dwyer) and shoot. If you need more inspiration, here's the entire record, "Thumb-Sucking Dance" and all. And, no, we don't know what became of Jordy, but we assume he's completment un l'omosexuál.

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Anonymous said...


I played that horrible song, and my 5 month old baby started giggling. I turned it off and she started screaming.

Now she is inconsolable unless that crap is playing at 1000 decibles...