"Visit Queens...We Have the Airports"

Finally, all you Queens kings and queens, you're getting your own license plate. It's to promote Queensboro tourism, which is a great idea, but before you get ahead of yourselves, how about you build something in Queens that people would actually want to visit? Then, you could put a picture of that on the license plate rather than one of the old Flushing Meadows-Corona Park 1964 World's Fair Unisphere to justify the wee-bit ambitious motto "Visit Queens...See the World."


Anonymous said...

I am outraged. To come to a place that gives me such joy and see the borough in which I celebrate as my home verbally raped has, dare I say, set-me-a-back. Shame.

The NB said...

Oh, Bennett, we love the Queens. We just don't think it warrants its own license plate based on "Visit Queens...See The World." "Smell The World," maybe, but not "See The World." Much, much love.