HELLO espadrilles!

HELLO! magazine publishes its "Summer fun week" feature, at which you can take a celeb quiz, gander at smooching celebs (ooh!) and find out which celeb's summer style matches yours. Our summer style most closely resembles a "classic" style, like that of Miss Gwyneth Paltrow:


Like Gwyneth, your wardrobe can be summed up in three words: chic, simple and practical. For you, the sophisticated casual look worn by Grace Kelly - think neutral colours, tailored shorts and espadrilles - is the key to looking cool during the warmer season.

You might also find inspiration in the wardrobes of: Elle Macpherson, Uma Thurman and Jennifer Aniston.

It really is uncanny. We cannot tell you how many times the styles of Elle, Uma, and, most especially, Jen, have inspired our classic summer look. We've always referred to our Gap Kids polo and $12 flip-flop look as "The Macthurmiston."

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