As tested on TV.

Indiana apparently is good for something! WNDU 16, the local NBC affiliate of South Bend, Indiana, occasionally tests those awesome-looking, totally dubious products-you-never-knew-you-needed-until-you-were-totally-wasted that are sold on TV. They've compiled links to their reviews on one page for your browsing convenience. However, before you get your boxers all in a knot, understand that they do give a very original "thumbs up" to most of the crap like the Telescoping Ceiling Broom and the Lady Elegance Drying and Styling Stand. And when they don't approve of a product, like the Multi-Ink ink cartridge refiller, they come up with milquetoast disclaimers like, "So, the multi-ink didn't work for me, but if you think you might like to try it, the Multi-Ink costs about $10." Bleh.

However, they did put together a best-and-worst of 2004, and the word "worst"is actually used, so not all is squandered.

Totally forgot to mention that those Mr. Clean Magic Erasers are, indeed, religion-worthy.

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