Gossip bits 'n' bobs.

Rather than bore you bit by bit, here's the best of the worst of the best of the worst etc. this morning:

From MSNBC: Madonna spent most of her time on the set of the Material Girl video smooching with Keith Carradine, director Mary Lambert recently revealed.

From Page Six:
Star Jones Reynolds' coverage of red carpet arrivals for E! only got her so much juice at the Grammy after-parties. A music industry source tattled that Star "had her assistant call all the music labels and RSVP herself plus four guests. But the thing was, she wasn't invited. People had to call her back and tell her, 'Sorry, the party is only for artists and label executives.' " Star and her posse did manage to make it to the Sony BMG bash at the Roosevelt Hotel, where she shared a VIP room with Ricky Martin and Cyndi Lauper.

From PageSixSixSix:
Meanwhile, it has been revealed that one of our favorite actresses, Parker Posey, is going to be one of the final judges for Project Runway's final episode.

Um, that's about it. Ew.Ugh. Snooze. In that order.

Oh, and there's this from the New York Times. A reality show contestant committed suicide. Apparently it's only worth covering when someone in a reality show, and not watching a reality show, kills himself. Otherwise there would be no room for any other news ever.

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