Breaking! The possible cast witness list for the defense in the Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal Tour, courtesy of MSNBC.com, whether they like it or not:

Michael Jackson’s attorney, Thomas J. Mesereau Jr., told the prospects that the defense witness list includes NBA star Kobe Bryant, Elizabeth Taylor, illusionist David Blaine, TV newsman Ed Bradley, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and relatives of actor Marlon Brando.

Corey Feldman's got some stiff competition there. Unfortunately there's no word for which side Emmanuel Lewis, Macaulay Culkin and Alfonso Ribeiro will play, but Feldman's looking pretty lonely. May we request a more even match? As well, may we ask, nay, implore the judge to allow a camera into the courtroom for Liz Taylor's farewell performance? The thought of missing it sends shivers down our spine.

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