Non-Oscar-fiasco stuffs.

Tori Amos's new record, The Beekeeper, was released this week. NB, first to officially declare Conor Oberst over, would like to officially declare Tori Amos over. Track #9 on the cd is called "Ribbons Undone" and it's Amos's Song About My Child. When a recording artist pens a Song About My Child, by default, his or her career has ended. We'll miss you, Tori. Little Earthquakes spoke to us in special ways.

Jamie Foxx surely will be first choice to play this guy in the upcoming movie.

Julian McMahon may play James Bond in the upcoming Casino Royale remake. We don't really know what a Julian McMahon is, but the last time we posted about him, some site linked us, and the hits went up. Julian McMahon, Julian McMahon, Julian McMahon.

Please go here and click on 'Angela Muto,' then 'videos,' then 'Shecky as Mrs. Bin Laden.' Shecky is a good friend of the NB, and her Mrs. Bin Laden is a classic comedic creation.

The Superficial reports on Catherine-Zeta-Jones-Douglas-Jones receiving the Hasty Pudding award this week from the Harvard Lampoon. The importance of this link has to do with the wonderful deconstruction of why the Harvard Lampoon is criminally unfunny. Thank you, Superficial! Now, can you get them to stop coming to New York after they graduate?

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