After being reminded of Corey Haim's existence from a scary pic in this week's US Weekly, we were reminded that in 1989, Corey H. made a video diary of what it was like to be him. It was called Corey Haim: Me, Myself and I, and it's been called, at least by this guy, the worst movie ever made. Obviously, the video is out of print and has not yet made the jump to DVD, but there are used ones available at Amazon.com, so if you have $50 just sitting around and you're all tired of donating to the Tsunami Effort®, we believe Christmas is whenever you believe it is.

Oh, here's what happened to 1)Me, 2)Myself and 3)I.

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Holley said...

Or perhaps you can buy some of his teeth or hair on eBay. Direct from the source.