Wait, there's more!

Popbitch came through for us at the end of the day. Two items of note:

Some Italian guy who's devoted his life to the late, great Freddie Mercury and has decorated his car in an appropriately reverant manner. Yes, the front says "Mercuy Rocks Freddie Mercury."

As well, Popbitch takes the lazy commenting we do a step further and actually analyzes the possible defense witness list in the Michael Jackson 2005 Smooth Criminal Tour. The breakdown follows, and it's genius:
   Liz Taylor - alcoholic/painkiller addiction
Diana Ross - drink driving conviction
Stevie Wonder - what's he going to say -
"I didn't see anything?"
Kobe Bryant - accused of rape
Nick Carter - suspected of beating up
his ex, Paris Hilton
Barry Gibb - known as "Pilly" in Bee Gees days.
Uri Geller - Spoon bender
Chris Tucker - the man that cancer boy accuser
Gavin really wanted to meet through the
Make A Wish Foundation but got Jacko instead.
So obviously now both we and the prosecution are praying for this list of star witnesses. If this is what happens when the defendant gets sick and brings the proceedings to a state of inaction, we can't wait till this shit really picks up. Let's go!

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