Oscar the slouch.

In honor of the upcoming snoozefest extravaganza, the 77th annual Academy Awards, today's Nervous Breakdown will be an all-Oscar edition! Before you take out that gun, keep reading! Today's all-Oscar edition will be devoted to Oscar fiascos. Much better, right? You can save that bullet for tomorrow, when you're home waiting for that special someone to call and ending up, yet again, drinking an entire bottle of Pinot Grigio all alone while watching "Showtime at the Apollo." Sorry.

On with the show...

Time: March, 1989, the 61st annual Academy Awards.
Fiasco: The all-too-well-remembered Rob Lowe/Snow White duet of "Proud Mary." The producers, for some reason, thinkit a wonderful idea to have the pioneer of home porn and a classic Disney character sing together to open the show. They are wrong. It is awkward, painful and utterly puzzling (read: FAN-tastic!). Rob Lowe is ridiculed for days after for his poor, poor singing, and Disney sues the Academy for unauthorized use of its beloved character. A fiasco of epic proportions!

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