Les Gates.

So, yesterday we actually ventured out of the apartment to go see what all the fuss was aboot in the Central Park. As you are undoubtedly aware, the Christos (Christi?) have installed "The Gates," saffron-colored structures spanning 23 miles of pathway, in the park.

It was completely stimulating to see the landscape of the park so dramatically changed. We're all for playing with perception, especially when it comes to such a well-known entity as Central Park. So, on that level, the art succeeds. The Christos stated that that's all the installation is supposed to do, anyway. It's nothing too cerebral or fancy.

To me, the structures worked best in spaces where several rows could be viewed at once:

When they could be viewed from a great distance against the sky and skyline:

Or when the sun shone through them:

Of course, "The Gates" may also have been the Christos way of getting people to go to Central Park in the freezing cold, which is what we'd like to believe the whole thing's about, because there were tons of people there all freezing their asses off.

However, the best use of the material used to create the curtains can be seen here:

And though we'd never attempt to pull off a saffron-colored toga, we would like to know if any of the curtains will be given away. It's never too late for that new orange shower curtain.

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