If you haven't seen 'Million Dollar Baby' and plan to don't rea...........................

The pro-handicapped, anti-euthanasia group, Not Dead Yet, is responsible for the most troubling post-Oscar press release. "Kill the Cripple" was also the theme of my prom, but no one seemed to mind then, so it's interesting that Hollywood is getting blamed for this. Anyway, it's hard to take anything pro-cripple seriously from a group that has this logo:

As well, if you'd like to join the crusade against movies that are obviously responsible for advocating life-and-death issues and not simply telling a story, you can download this flyer and hand it out at your local swap meet or chili cookoff.

In other same news, LifeNews.com published a story with the lede,"Euthanasia Movie "Million Dollar Baby" Tops Abortion Drama At Oscars." Damn, LifeNews! You trippin'!

The NB is on the fence about this because, while we love us some euthanasia, we have to agree with Not Dead Yet spokesperson and occasional movie critic Stephen Drake when he says, "There are many films with great acting, better scripts and better direction. They don't get awards." Well, perhaps they'll learn their lesson this year and start writing better euthanasia and abortion movies, because we, too, thought Million Dollar Baby kinda sucked. (And, no, readers, we didn't actually GO to the movie theater. We watched a screener copy. Do not worry.)

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