Notes on Note.

OK. I'm going to paraphrase the Milman Note, mostly because it's not the content that's so crazy, it's the presentation.

Basically, the Note is written to the "workmen" FIXING THE HOLE IN THE WALL (double underlined), and the whole thing is written in pink pen, a sure sign of insanity. It directs said "workmen" to LEAVE the locks AS THEY FOUND THEM because people are coming over*. It goes on to say that anything DAMAGED in the apartment will be the PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY of the "workmen." Blee blee blee, more underlines, more uppercase, more pink. The tone of the note is so unfortunate because the "workmen," despite being in our apartments every day this week, have been extremely nice and cooperative. So, Lady Milman, calm down, honey. At least you had only one hole in the wall, right? Also, no more pink pen unless you stop with the underlining and start dotting the "i"'s with little hearts. I'll be watching.

That said, have a nice weekend, reader(s). We're totally wasted. It may be time for some drunk shopping. See you next week when this site will return to its normal format, unless the leadfooted woman upstairs provides better fodder, which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY.

*The "people coming over" ended up being a mother/daughter cleaning team. The vacuum gave them away. Because we recently got rid of our "cleaning" woman, we needed a replacement. So I took a trip upstairs and hired them on the spot. This team seems to be perfect, and they already have a key to the building, so I can't get in trouble for letting them in. And if they do a good job, I promised to help them fill out the application for "The Amazing Race 9."

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