Oscar fiasco #5.

(Note: the obvious Sacheen Littlefeather fiasco will be bypassed for something more trivial (and amusing). Had we not wanted to seem so unlearned, this post would have been about Sacheen Littlefeather. Thank you.)

Time: April 11, 1983, the 55th annual Academy Awards
Fiasco: Polish director Zbigniew Rybczynski wins the Oscar for Best Animated Short and gives an acceptance speech even with his limited knowledge of English. After talking with reporters in the press room, Mr. R. steps outside to have a smoke. When he tries to re-enter the ceremony (glutton!), a security guard prohibits him from doing so. Using his limited English again, Mr. R. insists repeatedly, "I have Oscar! I have Oscar!" which doesn't sway the guard. Mr. R. becomes so annoyed, he kicks the guard who has him immediately arrested and jailed. The director is eventually sprung from the slammer by divorce attorney Marvin Mitchelson, the only attorney Mr. R. knows in Hollywood. Fiasco? That this happened the same year that Gandhi won the Best Picture award certainly qualifies it, and it's most assuredly a fiasco for Mr. R. and the guard, who prove themselves both way funnier than Bob Hope.

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