Cirque de Celine.

Enthusiast Michael Glenn sent us this gem, and it couldn't be more Bastille Day appropriate. It's the mimelike Mlle. Celine Dion contributing a number, from her Caesar's Palace Thunderdome, to the Live 8 broadcast. You know, Live 8? Those concerts that recently happened that you didn't watch any of? Anyway, we totally appreciate the fact that her show employs approximately 3,538 performers. But, when she says "I really wish I could be there" during her introduction, we kind of want to punch her in her Quebecois face because a) she is there and b) those fools in the audience paid good money to see her concert, and she'd rather be somewhere else? Oh, and c) did René lock you in there, Celine? Is he holding you hostage? Oh. Oh shit. Hang in there, girl. We're sending help.

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Michael said...

I would like it clarified that I'm an N.B. Enthusiast, not a C.D. enthusiast. Because that would just be wrong