Sweetin lowdown.

Thanks to Zach W., we were pointed to this site:

Your One Stop Jodie Shop

Yes, it's the Web's premier Jodie Leanne Sweetin site. TV's "Full House"'s Stephanie Tanner gets the royal treatment here, with photos, sounds, live chat and, our favorite, a list of all the Stephanie books from the "Full House" books series! Titles include Hip Hop Till You Drop, The Dude of My Dreams and the extra creepy Daddy's Little Girl. Oh, and don't forget about Never Trust a Flamingo, in which Uncle Jesse drinks some punch spiked by a costumed Kimmy Gibler.

There's also a section dedicated to what she's doing now. OK. No there's not! But you can write to her to ask her:

Jodie Sweetin
"Stephanie Tanner"
c/o Savage Agency
ATTN: Judy Savage
6212 Banner Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Just remember to include "Stephanie Tanner" otherwise no one will know who the hell you're trying to reach.

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Frank said...

What she's doing now: filling out.