The crap in the Brooks Atkinson.

We were looking forward to reading the reviews of Suzanne Somers's one-woman Broadway show, The Blonde in the Thunderbird, since, well, yesterday, when we were reminded it was actually happening. Broadway.com gives a convenient sampling of the expectedly less-than-stellar reviews with a few examples from the show itself. Nothing really surprised us or intrigued us until we got to this tidbit, from the Broadway.com review:

Only rarely, as during a childlike rendition of "If I Only Had a Brain" punctuated with domestic-abuse sound effects, does The Blonde in the Thunderbird attain the sort of ill-conceived bathos that can lend such pieces exalted status among camp aficionados.

Um, we'll say! One ticket, please! Preferably free! Thank you!

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Ian said...

Like so many veterans who come home after combat, I now have the kind of psychological scarring that takes years to heal. But you know what, Matt, I'm glad you took me to this show. I wasn't at first, but now I see it as a blessing. You see, those seven and a half hours (or was it just one?) of soul-crushing misery have helped me grow as a person. I no longer blame myself when I take my Mr. Quaalude bubble baths as my 5-year-old son plays unattended in the street. And best of all, I've learned that, when Broadway gives you lemons, you make lemonade!!! Then, you put the gun to your head and... Oh Ducky... sweet Ducky... Oh God, Suzanne, give me the strength. I want to be strong just like YOU! OK. God bless, Matt. You take care.