Paris when it fizzles.

As promised, more Paris Latsis fashion fun. We especially adore the combo trucker/message hat. With the whole wifebeater and wristband thing, you've managed to represent, torso up, four outdated trends. We can only imagine what we're missing below the belt.

BONUS: click on the top pic to see the whole series, in which a drunk Paris Hilton is thrust by some goons into the car onto Paris Latsis for a photo op. Or something like that. We LOVES the backseat friend and his to-go drink in the next-to-last pic. Oh, to be young and rich and talentless and rich.

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Anonymous said...

Ugh add Kimberly Stewart to my permament list of celebs i am sick of seeing and reading about. I am also so sick of reading about Cory Berstein in the gossip pages like coreys sickly over exposed friend Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and Fabian Basabe,who cares who their families are they would be no where without them. They are all spoiled rich narcisistic media whores.I think since latest IT boy to take Fabian basabes sorry ass place is the socialite Cory Bernstein who has modeled for so many years for such prestigious clients, added with the fact his family is real wealthy and know alot of important people,his grandfather was some supposed mob politician who helped to get Kennedy,old man Dailey,and others elected,his grandmother was some real estate mogul who is related to the Nestles ( as in the chocolate if you didnt know how he was so rich ), with the fact he has either fucked or rumored to have had sex with some of the most famous people girls(paris hilton) and men ( colin ferrall)in Hollywood or the world.
I personally think hes the kind of person like paris hilton people either hate if they dont know them, or like if they have met them from what ive read so far-i personally dont see anything good looking about cory bernstein or paris hilton and dont think if they didnt have rich families theyd be such famous "supermodels" but thats just me.