Star Jones in penthouse.

Curbed is reporting they've found the Corcoran listing for Star Jones's UES penthouse. Their evidence is a photo of the bathroom which includes a photograph of the morning talk-show hostess.

We feel that based on said photograph and the all-around tasteless décor, this apartment could very well belong to Jones. However, we can't be absolutely conclusive because in none of the photographs are any bites taken out of the furniture. We've linked the listing. You decide.


Lori said...

wow, that is the TACKIEST decor I've ever seen. and i know for a fact that that is star jones' apartment, as you can plainly see the 4 television screens in her bedroom that she so endlessly talks about on the view.
good detective work? i think so!

Anonymous said...

Yeah its the cow's apartment... as if the tacky decor and the closets full of pay less shoes werent enough of a tip off-- Star's address became public knowledge when her rooftop landscaper sued her for non payment-- apparently she offered him a signed 8X10 glossy (not unlike the one that adorns her bathroom vanity-- pun intended) in lieu of cash for his services rendered.

BTW-- isnt her huzzbands dressing room pretty