Musicish news.

TV Guide reports that "American Idol" loser and botox winner, Mikalah Gordon, will guest star on the first episode of Fran Drescher's new WB sitcom, "Living with Fran." She'll play cousin Destiny and will appear in blackface. Kidding! It's just that...the WB...all the black shows...you know...it's like BET...hilarious...

Speaking of black, here are the nominations for this year's MTV Video Music Awards (the link is to USA Today because the Flash use on MTV.com really is just too much to psychologically handle). Ooooh, listen to this: "Other stars will arrive in souped-up cars for an auto show on the red carpet. As the celebrities arrive, viewers will get tours of those cars from the talent themselves." We knew there'd be a new reason for us not to watch this year!

And because, as always, bad comedy comes in threes, Prodigy is releasing two records in the next year. Actually, that's really hilarious.

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